1. Where is your shelter located?

We do not have any physical shelter. All of our dogs (mainly) are staying in foster families and feeding sites.

Note: To prevent more unwanted dogs/cats dumped at our doorstep or feeding sites, all location details will not be revealed.

2. About Adoption

Our most important adoption condition is NO CHAINING and NO CAGING.
You may browse our blog or Facebook page, under “Dogs/Cats for Adoption” and see which dog/cat would you like to adopt.

Please email to care.actionsforstrays@gmail.com and give us your full home address and contact details. Briefly give a description of your family background, eg. Family members, if they are also dog/cat lovers, if your house has any fenced up compound, if you have other pets (cats or dogs), etc.

We will contact you to make a house inspection just to ensure your house is suitable and to assure your family is ready for the new family member.

3. About Sponsorship

You may email your interest to sponsor food or non-food items to care.actionsforstrays@gmail.com and we will revert with the location details to bring your items to. We need the following food and non-food items.

FOOD: Beras Siam, chicken liver/neck, pedigree dry food, pedigree canned food, chewing toys, etc.

NON FOOD: Dog shampoos, bath towels, frontline spray, dog crates (of any size, 2nd hand also welcome), dog collars, dog leash, etc.

If you would like to contribute in other forms, kindly email to us for further queries. We do not have any bank account at the moment.

4. How to become one of your volunteers?

We need volunteers for our feeding sites, as foster families, some rescue work and during CAS Activity Day.

We need dedicated and committed volunteers who are thinking of helping the animals. If you are thinking of using our activities to make friends or have fun and not taking your work seriously, then you have to think twice of helping as we do not have extra time to waste our limited resources.

Interested to become one of our volunteers, please email and let us know your passion in animal welfare and if you have other experiences in volunteering at other animals’ shelters. Leave us your full contact details and we will revert to you when there is a need for help.

5. What should I do if I saw an injured dog or a dog in dire state or in need of medical attention?

Due to lack of space, it is our regret that we could not save each and every dog on the streets. We have to be selective and rescue those which require medical attention immediately. We are unable to take in all the strays reported to us and their litter of puppies.

If you spot any injured dog that require attention, please email the location and your contact details (in case we could not find the dog), give a brief description of what happen and the dogs’ features and colour so as to enable us to find it easily.

6. What should I do if I saw a litter of puppies or a puppy?

As there are an overwhelming number of puppies reported to us consistently, we really can’t take in anymore puppies. You may report their location to us and our volunteer could assist to take pictures and post them on our blog or Facebook, hopefully some good Samaritans will adopt them.

It is not advisable to bring any pup or litter home on your own if you are unsure whether you could take care of them or find homes for them. CAS does not take in any of these pups on your behalf due to lack of space.

7. Why must we spay/neuter our dogs/cats ?

We must spay/neuter both male/female, to prevent overpopulation of unwanted puppies/kittens. Many puppies/kittens are being abandoned when their mother dogs/cats gave birth. Most of these puppies/kittens would end up being killed, either by poisoning from members of the public, road accidents or other abuses.

When there are many strays in an area, it also poses social problem. They will fight for territories and food and caused unease in the neighbourhood.

Be a responsible owner and spay/neuter your dogs/cats.

8. What is the cost of sterilization/spaying operation?

The cost of sterilizing a female dog is B$180 and a male dog is B$150 (prices differ at different clinics).

The cost of sterilizing a female cat is B$120 and a male cat is B$80 (prices differ at different clinics).