Saturday, November 26, 2011

CAS 6th Activity Day

CAS 6th Activity Day. Another year is coming to an end, a New Year is coming very soon. For year 2011, we are glad CAS has created some awareness, we have started our merchandise selling, invitation to talks in schools, rescued and sterilised some strays. Of course, there are some happy endings as well as sad ending... But life has to go on and we will try to do as much as we could.

We do have to apologise that CAS is unable to attend to every calls or emails to us as we lack of experienced volunteers to do field work and rescue. We also like to inform we do not collect every puppies and strays on the road as we do not have a shelter. Again, we have to remind that all dogs we foster are staying in our volunteers' own homes and they are about 50 of them, about 10dogs average in a home.

But what we can do is to help to sterilise the strays in your own neighbourhood where the residents in this neighbourhood could help to feed them daily. In this way, it is ensure that your neighbourhood will not have an increase in the strays' population.

In the New Year 2012 (not sure if it is end of the world yet :)), we hope to have more support to help control the strays population in the community, promote adoption instead of buying pets from breeders, the importance of sterilisation, promoting responsible pet ownership and also not forgetting to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY, No Chaining and No Caging!

To start a BRAND NEW YEAR 2012, CAS is holding our CAS 6th Activity Day on 8 January 2012, Time: 2pm - 4.30pm. Venue to be confirmed as we are looking for a suitable outdoor location where we could bring our dogs for adoption and they are able to run freely. If you have any location or land that you could lend CAS for a 2.5hrs, please email to

We are also looking for Graphic Designer who could help CAS to design this Activity Day poster so that we could put up in Supasaves, International Schools or some of our supporters' companies upon request.

We look forward to a brand new year soon and Every Little Effort Counts!

CAS Volunteer Team