Thursday, March 31, 2011


CAS relies on its supporters to help fund its activities to save and help animals in distress. We desperately need additional funds to support our never ending work and have some merchandise for sale. All proceeds go toward stray animals medical treatment, rescue and population control.

As CAS does not have the necessary funds to maintain inventories for sale, these items are ordered only upon confirmed orders and full payments from CAS supporters. Confirmed orders with full payment is needed by 8th April 2011 for deliveries by 1st week of May 2011.

For orders above $100, products will be delivered upon arrival.

Please contact Jean at 8160482 if interested. Thanks

Cat Paw Pendrive (C-011) – Available in white, black, brown, blue, red, pink, yellow and green colour. 2GB – B$16.00, 4GB – B$20.00, 8GB – B$30.00

Dog Bone Pendrive (C-012) – Available in white, black, brown, yellow, green and red colour. 2GB – B$16.00, 4GB – B$20.00, 8GB – B$30.00

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Loving Memory of Boyboy (Born est. 2006 - 25 Feb 2011)

Boyboy01 2006-25 Feb 2011


Boyboy02 2006-25 Feb 2011

Boyboy03 2006-25 Feb 2011

Boyboy04 2006-25 Feb 2011

Boyboy06 2006-25  Feb 2011 Boyboy07 2006-25 Feb 2011

Boyboy08 2006-25 Feb 2011 Boyboy10 2006-25 Feb 2011

Boyboy, a dog with tremondous survival fighter spirits passed away due to suspected heart attack on the afternoon of 25 February 2011.

Boyboy with a fighter spirits survived 3 ordeals.

1st Ordeal: He was involved in a fight with other dogs in the neighbourhood and had a serious, deep neck wound. When I brought him to the vet and use a towel to cover his neck wound, blood was flowing profusely and the towel was full of blood. After an emergency operation on him at the clinic, he recovered very quickly in no time and was up and playing again. I thought he may not have survived from this fight but he did!

2nd Ordeal: He was playing with another female dog on one windy night. They played and ran onto the roads unknowingly. In front of my eyes, one Malay driver drove past. He slowed down his Kijiang at first on seeing the dogs on the road but for some reason in the end, he decided to run over them. Both of them was ran over by the Kijiang in spite of my shouts. The female dog did not survive. Boyboy in shock ran into a nearby jungle and disappeared. Despite the strong wind on that night, I went in search for him but could not find him and thinking he might have die in the jungle with some injuries. We tried again on the 2nd day when the wind and rain cleared in search for him but still could not find him. However, 3 days later, Boyboy reappeared to me and came back unscathed, without a single wound. Thank goodness he survived a 2nd time!

3rd Ordeal: As Boyboy stayed in one of my warehouse, one day when my workers went into a container to collect some goods, Boyboy followed the workers into the container without their knowledge. When they came out, the workers closed the container with Boyboy inside! Poor Boyboy was locked in the container in total darkness without food and water for almost a week! When we realised Boyboy was missing, we thought he might be out looking for friends. One week later, when the workers went back to the container, they were shocked to find a skin and bone Boyboy standing in the far corner of the container. How my heart broke when I saw him. But he was still very active. The first thing when he came into the sunlight, he went to the grass and pee and was welcome home by our other dogs.

All the ordeals happen around the period of 2007. After we shifted our warehouse, Boyboy and our other dogs are kept in a closed up secure compound where he lived happily ever after till the day of his passing away.

I took this opportunity to tell the story of Boyboy is to remind ourselves that we need to fight on! We need to be strong and overcome the obstacles we face. Boyboy's fighting spirits will keep reminding me NOT TO GIVE UP in whatever things we faced!

Boyboy, on hearing the news of your passing away that afternoon in Singapore, my heart broke and I was very sad. Tears welled up in my eyes and seem not stopping... On the 1st night when you were gone, I know you came back to me in a form of a BIG BRIGHT STAR just above me, outside my bedroom's window. I know it is you. The star-like thing moved left and right, I know you are wagging your tail at me. The star-like thing flickers its bright light, I know you are barking at me to bid me GOODBYE! I know you are now in a Land with no Suffering. We will missed you and hope you are happy now.  I know I am not dreaming that night. I am truly awake and saw the bright light in the sky. I closed my eyes and prayed and when I open my eyes the next moment, you were gone. You came to bid me Goodbye and you will be missed.. BYE BYE BOYBOY, REST IN PEACE.

With Love, Agnes