Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project Pack 40 (Fostering)

project 40 is now project 44 and hopefully the figure will not increase. 1 female already gave birth. there are a total of 25 females, abt 6 or more are pregnant, at least 20 needing medical attention, 10 of them critical. we now have the exact number from the person who has been feeding them. and they were not totally abandoned as was previously assumed. it was just unfortunate that the owners of the hse were forced to move and their new landlord did not permit any dog at all, not even 1.

they also unfortunately could not afford to provide medical attention to the dogs and made the mistake of not having spayed all the females earlier. and they did not know where or who to turn to for help. my attempt to reach them 2 yrs ago apparently also did not get to them.

as such all the dogs were left at their old hse but they have been feeding them daily, only thg there were too many of them and the one person feeding them could not manage to separate the weak to allow them to eat properly, thus the weak suffered and got progressively worse.

any way the good news is that we will start to spaying the pregnant ones and treating the critically sick ones by this sun. we will also be helping in the feeding daily to ensure that all the emaciated ones will get sufficient food with extra nutritional supplements added to their food.

but we desperately need foster homes for post spaying recovery. all that is needed is a clean and dry room / place for them to recover. there will be no medicating (unless infection sets in) but if kept dry and clean, there should be no infection. daily, the person who knows the dogs very well will also go to foster homes to help chk on the dogs and also let them out to pee and poo if kept in a room. food can also be provided upon request. before going for surgery, all dogs will be bathed and deticked / defleaed to ensure all dogs are clean prior to going to foster homes. after 2 weeks, the fully recovered dogs will be returned to site awaiting relocation.

post surgery recovery is easier to handle and if we have enuf foster homes, then our side can focus on the critically sick ones as these need a lot more care and are more difficult to manage. with sufficient foster homes, we will not need to delay taking in the critically sick ones while we commence the spaying for the females. if we manage to get 10 foster homes, each home can either take 2 dogs at a time meaning the fostering will ONLY be for 2 weeks. if each home takes only 1 dog at a time, then the fostering will be for 2 weeks + 2 weeks. then we will be able to spay all the females effectively within 1 mth and simultaneously take in the critically sick ones.

once all the females are spayed, if we can raise additional funds, we will also neuter all the males to make them less aggressive with each other and will not bully the weak that much.

we still require additional funds and dry food or anythg that any of u can donate or sponsor. keep them coming. thank you very much for helping these poor dogs !