Tuesday, October 26, 2010

CAS 1st Activity Day !

CAS Activity Day Oct 2010

We will be bringing 8 pups and 4 adult dogs for adoption (all the pups and dogs on the advert will be there too). You will be able to interact with the dogs/pups, take them for a walk (as it is an empty land).

Food or item donation and sponsorship towards sterilization & medical costs are very welcome. Dry or canned dog food, siam rice, towels, medicated shampoo etc. 

We are also recruiting volunteers, interest parties please come and meet us this coming Sunday.

Please meet us there and show your support !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


For your reading. "Puppy Mills" - In Brunei we should call them as "Home Breeders". CAS hope to create awareness to choose to adopt a pet instead of buying from pet shop in Miri or Home Breeders in Brunei. These people are out to earn $. They will not take care of the animals they have. If you continue to support them ...by buying their "products", they will continue to produce. Most of them will also come with genetic problems because of continuous breeding. Adopt our BRUNEI SPECIALS! They are equally loving as a pure.

The Puppy Mills in Singapore breed.http://www.cnngo.com/singapore/puppy-mills-pet-store-337803

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Visits to Old Folks’ Home with Therapy Dogs (Singapore)

Whether its a mixed or pedigree breed, all dogs are special and could be one's best friend!

Today, CAS has the privilege to attend an observer session at an old folk's home with a volunteer group known as Therapy Dogs (Singapore), in Singapore. Their dogs are so mild, friendly and love interacting with humans.

I, as a CAS representative, am so glad to be part of today's session. It is a pity that no photo-taking is allowed at the hall of the old folks' home. Otherwise I would be able to share with you all the smiles on the faces of the elderly during their interaction with the doggies, such as giving treats, combing and stroking along the dog's fur.

Each dog injects unconditional love and warmth into the life of these fragile old folks, who are lonely, abandoned by their children or with no kin. They are so happy to meet and greet the volunteers and the dogs. Some old folks may not even remember when have they last smiled....but today, these dogs put a grin on their faces!

Extracted from Therapy Dogs, Singapore, it says: "Interaction with therapy dogs can lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety & depression, lessen the feelings of loneliness and isolation, increase the attention span of children with learning difficulties, eg. autism, attention deficit, hyperactive disorder, developing more independence, confidence & mobility, experiencing less pain, facilitate socialization & acceptance between people."

CAS hopes that one day, our dogs in Brunei will become therapy dogs so as to help many children with autism and other patients with mental illness or terminally-ill to improve their quality of life and well-being. No doubt it would be a long and tough journey to accomplish the project of therapy dogs in Brunei, as long as we strongly hold the vision in our minds, WE BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT!











Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another case of Transmissable Veneral Tumour

We received a call on Thursday evening reporting a serious injured dog at Tungku Link. Activated one of our volunteer to check this out and found the dog. Initially we thought it might be a car accident. However, after assessing in detail and similarities with the Gadong Mother Dog case, we suspect this female dog also suffered from TVT - Transmissable Veneral Tumor, a sexually transmitted disease among dogs.

As it was too late to get a vet, we went there again the next morning with the vet to assess her condition. We searched for nearly one hour and could not find her. Just when we were about to leave, she suddenly appeared in front of us, trying to cross the busy roads. Quickly we ran up to her and called for her. Amazingly she walked to us with much difficulty, as though trying to say "Pls help me". We brought her back to the clinic to assess and confirmed this is another case of TVT. However her condition has worsened and her disease has spread and caused damage to her whole body. Infection already set in through all her hind legs, and her yellow gums showed she has damaged liver. She is also covered with fleas and infected skin conditions too.

We regret to inform we have to put her down to end her suffering. At least, she "sleeps" well now and do not have to suffer the life as strays.. This is the harsh reality of being a stray..

This is an important education to all of our supporters. We should understand and know the importance of spaying your female pet. Not only it will reduce overpopulation and helped to control abandon puppies, many cancerous disease like these cases could be prevented. You could make a difference to their lives!


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