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 Yes, more than 3 
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 No, never owned a pet 

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 Yes, they live in a cage or chained 
 No, I never chain or cage them 
 Only when it is necessary (eg: feeding/bathing time, when we have visitors) 

Do you plan to chain or cage the new dog/cat you adopted from CAS ? *

 Only when it is necessary 

Are all your dogs/cats sterilized ? *

 Yes, but not all 
 Only females are sterilized 
 Only males are sterilized 

Do you plan to sterilize this new dog/cat you adopted from CAS ? *

 Yes, definitely 
 No, I dont think it is necessary 
 Yes if it is free 

Do you plan to keep your pet indoor or outdoor ? *

 Both indoor and outdoor 

Does you house have secure fencing and gate ? *

 We have fence and gate, but it is not secure 

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Does anyone in your family have pet allergies ? *

 I am not sure 

Please note that applicants must be over 18 years of age.

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