Saturday, November 9, 2013

Deep in Rimba Drain

Thank you to a teacher who heard a puppy cries deep in the drain outside a school in Rimba.

rimba drain 01

rimba drain 03
They tried to help to rescue the pup from the drain but it is too deep. CAS volunteers were notify and we managed to get a long ladder to assess to the crying pup.

rimba drain 02

Thank God the pup is now saved. 1 hour after its rescue, it start pouring rain. The pup would have been drowned. Thank you everyone for the effort!

Now the pup is in foster home, being treated for tick fever and should be ready for adoption in a month's time. The pup is timid however once she warms up, she is playful, friendly and happy.
If you could foster, adopt or sponsor, please email to
Every little effort counts! Spread that little love around..