Friday, May 25, 2012

"A Note from our Senior Volunteer"

Care & Actions for Strays (CAS): As much as we do not condone poisoning as a method of population control, we need to realise and tackle the root cause of the problem - IRRESPONSIBLE ANIMAL OWNERS who do not sterilise their animals and cruelly dump unwanted animals all over Brunei leading to severe over population of animals !

The main problem is not the government nor its officers doing their jobs. Cursing them and getting upset with them will not solve the problem. During our dialogues with the respective government agencies, we were asked to offer alternative solutions to control the dog population. While we have the solutions, we lack the necessary resources to implement it so that the government agencies can stop poisoning as a tool for population control.

Apart from the resources that are needed, including funds and manpower etc, we also need the understanding of the public cos the government agencies do not go around randomly looking for dogs to poison but rather they ONLY ACT UPON COMPLAINS FROM THE PUBLIC and they need to do something when there is a public complain.

So even if we have ALL the resources that we need, we still need the whole community to be more tolerant of strays to allow us to achieve long term sustainable solutions.
In short, we NEED TO WORK TOGETHER as a community from all angles to achieve a humane society where humans and animals can co-exist harmoniously and where the best of humans can be brought out, NOT THE WORST !

We all can play a part :

To also clarify further, according to the government head vet, THERE IS NO RABIES IN BRUNEI ! So for those of you who have been mis-informed or have misconstrued that ALL dogs carry rabies, please check your facts.

Thank you to all our Muslim supporters who have given so much insights abt Islam, Muslim and dogs. We really need a lot of help in this area to create and conduct educational materials in this aspect. Pls contact us via email to help promote positive awareness and make a difference. We really desperately need to create materials with quotes and teachings from the Holy Book.
To all of you who think that just because dogs occasionally attack humans, or because some dogs carry diseases, please understand that it still does not justify being cruel to the dogs, to any dog or animal.

Why dogs or any animal for that matter, attack humans, please watch National Geographic "Dog Whisperer" and other documentaries for insights into the animal world. In fact in the animal world, they ONLY kill when they are hungry and this was captured by photographer Michel Denis-Huot in Kenya's Masai Mara. He captured pictures of 3 cheetah brothers chasing a group of impalas (deers) and when they caught the weakest one, to his amazement, the cheetahs only wanted to play with it and did so affectionately without hurting it one bit !

So why dogs attack humans? And dogs who attack humans get put down. What about humans who attack dogs and animals? What should we do with these humans? If we were to act by our own standards, then we should be putting down too these people who attack animals !

By the same token, humans carry diseases too so should we be running around putting down all these disease carry humans too? Or do we put down those humans who cannot contribute and some are even a burden to society e.g. the old, the sick, the invalids, the special needs, the criminals etc etc etc.....

We don't because we share this planet together with every living being and it is our responsibility to take care of those who are weak. It is our blessing to be able to care for those who need us, the healthy and strong ones and by the same token, we also have a responsibility towards these strays and animals living amongst us in our urban environment WHO DID NOT ASK TO BE PUT HERE AMONGST US in the first place !
These animals have no voice and no choice. Humans do ! Make the right choice and do the right thing ! Even if you cannot help in any way, you can be more tolerant and learn how to behave when strays are around.

For those of you who support poisoning or any form of mass culling as a means of dog population control, look up the internet. There is a wealth of information out there to tell you that mass culling has never worked, not for over a hundred years ! And it will continue to be an highly ineffective means and all these are documented by the World Health Organisation as well who gets involved in dog population control due to rabies deaths in countries like India where dog population control is a matter of life and death for humans, not simply because of nuisance or eyesore as is the case in Brunei.

More and more countries are turning to sterilisation as this has proven to be highly effective in dog population control and is of course a much more humane method of population control but again we need the entire community to come together and play its part.

Start with your own animals, how many of you have unsterilized pets? Not only dogs but cats as well. In recent years, we had to increase our spending on cats, draining our very very limited funds which otherwise could have been used for dogs. There are many many cat owners with unsterilised cats, allowing them to breed rampantly and then dumping them all over Brunei when they can no longer manage. This results in many of the cats getting sick and also even more rampant breeding. We have had to rescue so many more cats and expenses for cats increased more then 20 folds !

Let's all play our parts and work towards a stray free Brunei through humane methods. It can be done but requires all of us to work together ! We will continue to work with the government agencies to completely stop poisoning but the responsibility should not fall on the shoulders of only a few individuals. All of Brunei needs to play their part too.

And for those of you feeding strays, pls pls pls pls....get them sterilised ! Feeding strays must also come with the responsibility of ensuring they DO NOT BREED ANY FURTHER. Otherwise you are only creating a bigger problem. Not that we discourage feeding of strays but they MUST BE STERILSIED TOO. If funding is the main problem that the strays you are feeding are not being sterilsied, then find ways to raise funds for them to be sterilised or get in touch with us.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Project Bulat – A Semi Paralyzed Kitten

Last week, CAS received 2 reports of the same paralysed kitten found at a Tutong Petrol Station. Our volunteer went to assess the kitten on Saturday after getting clearer instructions.


We found the kitten and saw that 2 of his back legs were paralysed and he was unable to move. The kitten could only move his upper body. He is very young, approximately 3-4mths old.

210512-02 210512-03

The staff at the petrol station said this kitten was born there normal and the mother cat comes and goes. They did not know what has happen to the kitten. One morning, the staff discovered the kitten in the drain injured with such condition. They suspected a car could have hit him. The staff were kind enough to bring the kitten to the government clinic however as government clinic no longer has surgery services, there is nothing much they could do. Moreover, the staff at the petrol station do not have enough money to spend on the kitten surgery. We would like to express our appreciation to the staff who has been helping to feed this paralyzed kitten before CAS intervened.

This morning, our volunteer sent Bulat (kitten's name) for vet's assessment. Preliminary discussion was probably to amputate Bulat's back legs so as not to hinder his movements. However, we are taking into consideration if Bulat is able to withstand the operation as he is still very young. Such operation for him would be very painful.

Nonetheless, he is still going through medication and also has slight skin problem. In the meantime, you could help us to provide care and food for him by sponsoring any of his medical or daily needs.

If you would like to help, please email to and subject "Project Bulat" and we will reply to you with sponsoring details.

We would also like to emphasize that CAS could only take in animals needing medical treatment. We do not have space for every strays dogs and cats, puppies and kittens reported. If we take in every single strays reported, we are depriving a space given to any animals that come in needing medical attention immediately, like Bulat.

Education, creating awareness to sterilisation is the key to curb the strays' overpopulation. Every little effort counts. Please do your part and be a responsible citizen!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coco, the Blind (limited vision) Pomeranian is again for Adoption Urgently!

Coco, the blind Pomeranian was abandoned at a pet store, adopted from there only to find himself back at a foster home again.

You may read the earlier story here.

120512-01 Coco is around 10-12 yrs of age, male. He has cataracts in both eyes, limited vision but not blind.

120512-02 120512-03 120512-04

Coco needs full supervision if let out to walk. He will need basic grooming for his fur and keep his nails trimmed regularly.

He is a sweet and mellow fellow! Suitable for family who is willing and committed to take care of him. He likes to be cuddled and pampered.

120512-05We hope to find him a loving and permanent home as he had gone through abandonment, adopted but return to foster home again.

If you think you are the one who could give him love and care, please email to and our Re-homing team will get in touch of you.

Please be reminded, No Chaining and No Caging.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Do you still remember them?

They are pups abandoned as rubbish behind a restaurant during Chinese New Year spring cleaning in a commercial area this year. Refer to the link below.





After 4 months, these pups are still there. Now there is a PROBLEM. These pups need to be re-home urgently!

As usual, CAS volunteers are always stuck with the question “Could you relocate and find them a safe place?” Now this is our difficulty “Where to relocate them and where is a safe place?” 

Health inspectors came to inspect the restaurant premises and found these dogs behind. Expectedly, the dogs were consider as unhygienic and restaurant staff were asked to remove them as soon as possible. Now, whose fault is this?


EVERYONE thought that restaurant premises are good places to dump your puppies. These IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS thought these dogs could find food as restaurant has left over food. No doubt this is true but it could cause hindrance to proper business operations. Humans are pushing responsibility one to another. This is a vicious cycle!

It is the same thing if we are relocating the dogs in a neighbourhood. If a pack is gone, new pack will take over the empty spaces. This would be a cycle on and on. If you do not sterilise your female dog, this cycle is going  forever and who is suffering? Both animals and humans!

Now these pups’ fate (in the pictures) are unknown. If these pups were relocate without notifying CAS volunteers, we are unable to trace and sterilise them. There are 5 pups altogether, all females approximately 5mths old.

We need to find homes for them ASAP.

CAS has an adoption policy of No Chaining and No Caging.

These animals are innocent! They are just victims of irresponsible human beings! If you could open your heart to adopt even just one of them, please email to with your home address and contact details and we will contact you.

We pray for miracle.

More pictures of the pups could be found in this link: