Thursday, June 7, 2012


You Have Touched All Our Souls!

Rescued 2008 - 6 June 2012 (approximately 5yrs old)

Video 1 of Bart: When Bart was just rescued in 2008.

Please watch this video. It only take you 30secs...For supporters who have been following some of our volunteers all these years, you may know a dog named Bart.

Bart rescued on 29/03/2008, 11:30am

Yesterday was another depressing day for us... Bart a happy-go-lucky fellow, always cheerful with tremendous positive spirits even though with his Semi-Paralyzed Disability, had left us...

Before CAS was formed 2 years ago, our senior volunteer has started rescuing strays on her own. In March 2008, she received a call reporting a dog dragging his butt on the road in Gadong. Description of this was quite vague, nonetheless we activated volunteers to go in searching for this dog. Volunteers took a few hours to look for him but could not find such dog. Just as they were about to leave the location, one volunteer noticed a dog under a car and went forward. What volunteers did not prepare to see was a dog dragging his half body down. (The video was Bart just rescued in 2008).

Bart's lower body was suspected to be run over by car that caused his paralysis. None of us could imagine how long has he dragged his body, how he moved on his own with that disability, did he suffer or in pain when the car hit him. Though every possibility crossed the humans' mind, we believe Bart felt NONE of his abnormality. He greeted our volunteers with the Sweetest Smile we have ever seen and all of us were overwhelmed by his positive soul! During then, he should be just about a 3-4mths pup.

Bart stayed in our foster home ever since. He is one of the most amazing dog we have ever come across. With just 2 front legs, throughout these years, Bart has learned how to support his lower body, all on his own WILL POWER, to be as normal as he could. He was agile with 2 legs. Nothing can stop him. On top of that, Bart could also pee and poo as normal. None of us trained or teach him how to walk on his two front legs. He did everything on his DETERMINATION. Very soon, he became Pack Leader of his own pack in the foster home. 2 legs vs 4 legs, Bart is always the King of the Pack. He was with us for a good 5 years…

Bart in 2010

Bart, you have been an INSPIRATIONAL soul and you touched many of our hearts. We have to make the most painful decision to end your suffering when you suddenly suffered from Rectal Prolapse (rectum fall out of place) on Tuesday night.

As the condition happened on Tuesday night, there wasn't any vet till the next morning. In the night, Bart has apparently chewed some part of his organ quite badly. Moreover, with his paralysis, he would be dragging his wound. Looking at some of his last moment pictures, we saw Bart lost his smile for the first time... This truly breaks our hearts.

Bart has taught us NEVER GIVE UP. Stay Positive and Be Happy ! Look at his smile (in the video), THE MOST SUNNY SMILE. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED! Bart had also showed us, with defects and disability, you could still live a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

Good Bye Bart! We will truly missed your presence and the many times you made us laugh till we cried happy tears..... Another amazing soul has left.... Another dog has gone to the Rainbow Bridge...We have lost many special dogs this year...

Nonetheless, our work still move on. Spay Your Pet, Adoption Helps To Save Life!