Thursday, July 7, 2011

They Have Died… 6 July 2011

Muara Malay School Dog 01 Muara Malay School Dog 33 019 Muara Malay School Dog 40

They Have Died... 6 July 2011. I am already loss of words.. Yes, I am totally di...sappointed. I have no words to describe this case because I don't know how to say...

Case by case, each time volunteers started a rescue, a case to feed, to care for the strays, few weeks later, they would be poisoned by someone or beaten to death by someone. Yes, I believed someone in our FB here...

I don't know why this someone or this group are doing this.. Why must you destroy these helpless creatures in such inhumane way. Why are you making use of our FB for such acts... I hope I am wrong, but I just can't help to think that it is...

I have so much hope for this husky like Mummy and her balance 2pups. We are so close to rehoming them. We are so close to have gained a bit of trust from the Mummy when we feed her everyday. I just want to hug her body and tell her "You would be ok".

But in reality, she would not be ok. She has now died of poisoning. Her 2 pups were beaten to death. It was witnessed by the staff of the school, done in the night, IN THE SCHOOL COMPOUND. You know we are helping these dogs to find homes, why can't you wait?? If you have other opinions, why can't you communicate with us?

They have cleaned up the mess yesterday. We don't even see their bodies... I have nothing to say. I believe ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN! Yes, there's where you should belong.

I am sorry, we humans do you wrong... RIP... BLESS YOU!