Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 Pups Found Chained To A Table Top As Shelter!

230711-08  230711-01

230711-10 ‎2 pups were found chained to a table top as shelter in an industrial area in Gadong! This is absolutely inhumane! The table top is no way going to shelter them from the rain and sun. There are holes on the table! If you are unable to give proper shelter to them, we rather them to be strays. Theses animals need their freedom. The chains are short and the pups tend to twain themselves up while playing. They could be strangled to death too. There is no residential house nearby, mostly all shops.
We ask the shops nearby and they mentioned they seen some people feeding them. Please, if you have any information about who these pups belong to, pls email to us at​m asap.