Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How To Safely React To Stray Dogs

  1. Step 1: Stand Still

    If a dog runs up to you, the best way to react is to stand still, hands by your side. Drop anything you are holding, as this may be what is attracting the dog to you. Don't run away as the dog may think this is a game, and start chasing you because RUNNING is a sign to a dog that triggers the instinct to chase. The best bet is to stand very still when meeting a stray dog and letting him or her smell you until they know you are safe to them. Don't shout or wave your arms as this may either encourage or frighten him. If you act bored and don't make eye contact, most dogs will lose interest quickly. Don’t squat down, as the dog may think you are picking up stones to throw at them. You will only endanger yourself.

  2. Step 2: If the dog jumps up

    When a dog runs up to you, he may jump up. The best reaction in this situation is to turn away BUT NOT RUN AWAY. Just turn your body, your back facing the dog and don’t move! Avoid eye contact. Don't shout or push him down, as he may think this is part of a game and jump up again. Ignore the dog until he gets bored and walks away.

  3. Step 3: If the dog knocks you over

    Larger dogs are capable of knocking people over. If this happens to you, curl up in a ball, keeping your head and arms tucked under your body. Stay in this position until he gets bored and leaves.
    Once the dog has lost interest, keep watching him BUT NOT STARING AT HIM while you slowly move away backwards. If he returns, repeat steps 1 to 3. 

However, strays will not attacked if we human beings do not provoke them in the first place! Living as strays is a tough life, they are just defensive and protective of themselves, just like any living things do. They may be scared, hungry or being ill-treated before. Usually, they are just as afraid of you or more afraid of you than you are of them.

So if  you meet a stray, stay calm and walk as per normal, don’t run and scream, avoid eye contact. Don’t provoke him by making “barking” sounds at them. These are the common things that Bruneian children and teenagers tend to do when meeting a stray. This will further provoke them come approaching to you.


We hope the above information helps for those who do not know what to do when seeing a stray. We also hope that parents would use this information to educate their children instead of educating them that all dogs are evil.

Create a better living environment in Brunei for both the humans and the animals, WE NEED YOU TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

CAS Volunteer Team