Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Do you still remember them?

They are pups abandoned as rubbish behind a restaurant during Chinese New Year spring cleaning in a commercial area this year. Refer to the link below.






After 4 months, these pups are still there. Now there is a PROBLEM. These pups need to be re-home urgently!

As usual, CAS volunteers are always stuck with the question “Could you relocate and find them a safe place?” Now this is our difficulty “Where to relocate them and where is a safe place?” 

Health inspectors came to inspect the restaurant premises and found these dogs behind. Expectedly, the dogs were consider as unhygienic and restaurant staff were asked to remove them as soon as possible. Now, whose fault is this?


EVERYONE thought that restaurant premises are good places to dump your puppies. These IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS thought these dogs could find food as restaurant has left over food. No doubt this is true but it could cause hindrance to proper business operations. Humans are pushing responsibility one to another. This is a vicious cycle!

It is the same thing if we are relocating the dogs in a neighbourhood. If a pack is gone, new pack will take over the empty spaces. This would be a cycle on and on. If you do not sterilise your female dog, this cycle is going  forever and who is suffering? Both animals and humans!

Now these pups’ fate (in the pictures) are unknown. If these pups were relocate without notifying CAS volunteers, we are unable to trace and sterilise them. There are 5 pups altogether, all females approximately 5mths old.

We need to find homes for them ASAP.

CAS has an adoption policy of No Chaining and No Caging.

These animals are innocent! They are just victims of irresponsible human beings! If you could open your heart to adopt even just one of them, please email to care.actionsforstrays@gmail.com with your home address and contact details and we will contact you.

We pray for miracle.

More pictures of the pups could be found in this link: