Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another case of Transmissable Veneral Tumour

We received a call on Thursday evening reporting a serious injured dog at Tungku Link. Activated one of our volunteer to check this out and found the dog. Initially we thought it might be a car accident. However, after assessing in detail and similarities with the Gadong Mother Dog case, we suspect this female dog also suffered from TVT - Transmissable Veneral Tumor, a sexually transmitted disease among dogs.

As it was too late to get a vet, we went there again the next morning with the vet to assess her condition. We searched for nearly one hour and could not find her. Just when we were about to leave, she suddenly appeared in front of us, trying to cross the busy roads. Quickly we ran up to her and called for her. Amazingly she walked to us with much difficulty, as though trying to say "Pls help me". We brought her back to the clinic to assess and confirmed this is another case of TVT. However her condition has worsened and her disease has spread and caused damage to her whole body. Infection already set in through all her hind legs, and her yellow gums showed she has damaged liver. She is also covered with fleas and infected skin conditions too.

We regret to inform we have to put her down to end her suffering. At least, she "sleeps" well now and do not have to suffer the life as strays.. This is the harsh reality of being a stray..

This is an important education to all of our supporters. We should understand and know the importance of spaying your female pet. Not only it will reduce overpopulation and helped to control abandon puppies, many cancerous disease like these cases could be prevented. You could make a difference to their lives!


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