Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please Understand Us !

Dear all, we do understand there are strays outside that need immediate help but due to our limited resource and manpower, immediate actions could not be done. At the moment, there is really nothing we could do in homing strays that all of you have found these couple of days because we do not have a proper place to home them yet. But the least we could do is to help in advertising and get them a new home if we are able to find interested people.

The problem we have with cats now is there is no foster home for them. Foster home means you are able to assist in offering them a temporary home at your place till they find a new owner. Do drop by a message or an email if any of you are interested.

As for donations, since we are not an organisation, we are not in the position to accept any cash fund but you can help us by sponsoring the medical costs or sterilization cost (BND180.00 for female dog). Such fee can be paid to the clinic directly provided that proper communications and arrangements between the CAS volunteer and yourself have been sorted out. After you have paid the medical fee, please obtain an official receipt from the clinic so both CAS and yourself will have a record on this. Food too can be donated to the animals. just email us for more details.

To PREVENT people abandoning more animals, we usually do not reveal the address of our feeding sites, foster homes, the rescue location or where we found the animals. We understand that some kind-hearted people would want to visit the sites to care for the animals but we have encountered a lot of dumping cases after we told them the locations. As such, we strictly do not reveal addresses anymore. Some stray dogs/cats, young puppies/kittens are usually afraid of us human being so we do not encourage more people to visit those sites as they might not appear at the same place anymore.

Procedures of Adoption:-

1) Please browse through albums uploaded by us in Facebook or at our blog .

2) Please email us at care.actionsforstrays@gmail.com to inform which pet you have your eye on and tell us a little about you and/or your family, whether you are single, living with your housemate, married, with kids, any other pets (where are they kept at? if you have female pets, are they sterilized?), etc. This is for us to understand that you have a healthy family environment and that you have the ability to take up another pet.

3) You are to ensure that you will not chain or keep your pet in cage because this does not give a healthy living environment to your pet. Pets that are to be adopted by yourselves are not to be allowed in such situation too.

4) Please leave us your name, contact number and address so that we can send over the pet for viewing purposes. You can make your final decision after viewing.

5) Please also allow us to do a home inspection before adoption i.e. whether your house is "fenced", is there sufficient space for the pet to joyfully play around, the surroundings must not have another "way" because dogs are capable of digging a hole out of it and might run free. We will cancel the adoption if your present pets are found not to be in a healthy condition.

For further queries/clarifications, please email us.

Thank you.